Something for Everyone

The Unity Ultra is all about bringing us together while keeping us safely apart, so with that in mind, the event will be a team event, with a minimum of two runners and a maximum of 10 per team, and you ultimately decide what distance each runner will complete! So on the 56km Challenge, for example, each member of a team of ten runners could do a 5.6km to get you to the finish line. So, whether you see this as a challenge that you and your running club mates can take on, or a way to make up for missed family gatherings, or you need to bring some motivation back to your office colleagues, you have the option of doing this together. 

Choose your distance



Durban to Maritzburg... in case you were wondering. It's far!



35 miles, in old terms - still a long way! How does one eat an elephant?



Please don't forget the .1 - the classic half marathon distance. PS: The World Record is under an hour... so that's only 6 minutes of running each between 10 of you!