Team Captain

If you are your team's captain, please start the entry process by selecting the option below. Here you will be able to complete all of your details including :
● Team Name● Team Division● Team Category● Basic Team Member Info (Name, DOB, Email, Cell)
Once this is done, your team has a spot. Your team mates will then receive an email which will enable them to confirm their entry and purchase any merchandise they want.

Team Member

Once your Team Captain has entered, team members will receive an email informing them of such and they will be invited to confirm their full details and make any purchases or donations for themselves.
Should you not have received your email, you may select the button below and complete your details. It is extremely important that you use the EXACT Team name that your captain recorded, or else you will not be included in your team results.

Add a Team Mate (Captains only)

CAPTAINS - Should you need to add someone to your team, please do so with your results submission. No new numbers are now being issued, please the next one in your team sequence.