About The Unity Ultra

The Unity Ultra is a virtual event that aims to unify us in these challenging times through a common goal of walking and running towards a virtual finish line. There are three distances that can be entered . Teams can be made up of two to 10 people, and you and your teammates need to cover the distance during the specified time period. Each team member will submit their distance/time through our digital channels, so that we can check your race was completed. There will be prizes up for grabs but the focus is on unity!


Have a question you need answered? First look through the answers below to the most popular questions of our entrants. Didn’t find what you need? No problem, just send your question to az.oc.artluytinu%40ofni and we will get in touch with you shortly.

The Unity Ultra is a Team Based Event?

Yes - You need to cover the distance you enter between you and your team mates. The total distance needs to meet (or exceed) the distance entered.

How many team members make a team?

That's entirely up to you. Two is company, but 10 is a nice crowd! The only limit is that you can't have more than 10 members per team. 

Do we all have to do equal distances?

No, you can decide how much each person does, and it is not essential to split the distance evenly between you, although it's good for some internal competition!

How does the timing work?

The Team Captain will need to submit their time and distance to race control once they have completed their portion. The total time of each entrant in the team is added together to give the team's total time. Just ensure that your total distance is not less than the event you entered.

Can I walk?

Yes, there is no restriction on whether you walk or run, but if you enter as a walking team, then all members are required to walk. Our fancy algorithms and satellites will identify any runners in a walking team, so rather don't chance it!

When can I expect my Merchandise?

Your merchandise will be ready for delivery / collection approximately 4 weeks after the event. The wait will be so worth it!

Are there age limits?

No. Everyone, young and old, is able to take part. We have a special half marathon distance so that even the youngest members of the family can be involved and do their part for the team. Remember, not everyone has to do the same distance, so even 500 metres can count towards your total distance.

Can I run on all days?

Yes - you can run on all days. Just be sure to record your name on the entry list twice (e.g. John Smith (Sat) & John Smith (Sun). However, the intention is to only run on one day and we are giving the flexibility of choice.